Hi, I’m diZsa

Owner/Founder, Frequency Fit™

Yes, i’m a bit of a Frequency Freak! But that’s okay because everything is Frequency & Vibration! i have been known to go around measuring the noise (exact frequency) a refrigerator makes or even that “beep-beep” at the Super Market. After all, you are exposed to those Frequencies on a regular basis, so best know what you are “digesting”, right?

i’ve got quite a few “tools” in my Qualifications (Professional vocalist/Voice-over Artist, Yoga (Kundalini, YIN, Hatha/Raja, Yoga Therapy, DOGA, Kids Instructor), Sound Therapy Practitioner (over 17 years), Spaceship Repairs, Matrix Energetics Level IV, Reiki & Aromatherapy). It is my passion to assist you to reach your full potential using scientifically based tools with a little bit of magic!

Being human is tough, especially during these times. The good news is that science is finally merging with spirituality & there are proven methods we can use to help put us back in the driver’s seat of our lives; think of it as “Harvard meets Hogwarts”! Let the journey begin…

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