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  • Andy Fernandez

    Liverpool, UK

     “diZsa is amazing!!!   I have been to loads of her classes.....u will love her"

  • Natalie Johnson

    Brighton, UK

    “I attended diZsa's chakra workshops and quite literally these accelerated my spiritual growth beyond anything I could have imagined. Since the first root chakra workshop I feel more at home in my body, I feel connected to Spirit and I have changed my life to create a life that I love. Abundance has flowed to me and I am so much more loving towards myself and others. My life is an adventure now and I feel very happy - my heart is finally at peace. I released many blocks and barriers throughout the workshops and it was very painful at times but totally worth the commitment. 

    I have also had a healing session from diZsa and this blew me away. The frequency that came through was so specific and directly related to a childhood experience that had been locked in my body for so long, there was no way that diZsa could have possibly known about this and yet the frequency matched exactly what I needed.

    diZsa is a playful spirit and her bowls bring fun and lightheartedness to her sessions when in fact deep clearing is actually taking place. I have learned so much from diZsa and she has brought joy and hope to Liverpool. I have been truly inspired by the change that she has created in our community.”

    In Gratitude.

  • Helen Ryan

    Liverpool, UK

    "It has been amazing to attend all 7 Chakra workshops. I have found each one fascinating and beneficial on it's own and have also learned a lot about myself throughout the full 7 Chakra journey.

    I have left each workshop feeling more aware, balanced and centred and have taken away tools that I can apply in my day to day life to sustain this feeling. diZsa is an amazing facilitator and I would highly recommend these workshops which are a definitely worthwhile investment in yourself."   

  • Victoria Lewis

    Wirral, UK

    “My friend Sue did your class Wednesday at Wirral and says that she believes you are an angel from America sent here for a reason - love love love this --  I need to get to your classes” 

  • T. Whitehill

    Formby, UK

    “Deep, relaxing & inspirational” 

  • Lightworkers of Liverpool Member

    Liverpool, UK

     "Ahh back to the start - feels like so long ago that I did this one....... (when speaking of the Root Chakra Workshop) it was the start of BIG changes for me. These workshops quite literally shifted my energy so that I could change my life to one lived from the heart. Of course I am still in process but the clearing that has taken place for me has been profound. I am connected with my soul in a way a never knew was possible yet am becoming more grounded in my body too. True transformation........I am truly grateful that these workshops showed up at the point when I was ready for change. Thank you Xxx”   

  • Maria Gormell

    Formby, UK

    "It was amazing!”   

  • Zoe Carroll

    Liverpool, UK

     "thank you for a wonderful experience such a lovely space and felt so good afterwards, mind blowing was amazing thank you so much!”      

  • Pam Robinson (Green Party)

    Aigburth, UK

    “The FrequencyFix Chakra workshops are incredible experiences offering a unique opportunity to explore aspects of your personality in a safe, supportive and inspiring environment.   diZsa creates a truly magical space - I've taken so much from all the workshops I've been to, always leaving uplifted, refreshed and enlivened. It's evident that a lot of care and love has gone into planning each one but there's always room for spontaneous sparkle to manifest too! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and time through these beautiful events.”  

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