• F2 YIN Yoga

  • Frequency Fit™ Yin Yoga (75-90 minutes, all levels)                                   

    Targets the connective tissue (Fascia), ligaments & joints of the body Postures are gently embraced & held for a long duration; which greatly improves flexibility. Pure quartz crystal bowls & positive affirmations are used during these holds to help balance, heal & expand.

  • Teachers

  • diZsa

    Founder, Frequency Fit

    diZsa, founder of Frequency Fix™  (Yoga, Sound Therapy, Events & Music)
    is originally from California & has been practicing Yoga & Meditation for over 15 years.  She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, is a Sound Therapy Master & is a Reiki & Matrix Energetics (level IV) Practitioner.  She has studied numerous forms of sound therapy, aromatherapy, subtle energy healing therapies & is a professional vocalist & voice-over artist.  It is her passion to assist others to reconnect & remember their highest potential through yoga, sound, fun & play.  

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    Yoga Styles: YIN Specialist

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  • What is YIN Yoga?

    From a physical point of view, there are aspects of the body that are more YIN (Connective Tissue, Ligaments & Joints) and aspects that are more Yang (the muscles). YIN is considered "active" yoga practice but mostly only done "on the mat" (i.e. no standing Asanas) where the postures are held for an extended period (between 3-8 minutes). This enables us to dive beyond using our muscles and reach the deeper layers within ourselves (both physically and emotionally).
    Connective tissue takes on many different forms within the body. It is the tissue that holds the bones together, the muscles to the bones, and the internal organs in place. It is the web that forms and connects all aspects of the human body. The connective tissue has its own intelligence and memory. It is listening and remembering our every thought and experience. As we grow older it shrinks, dries up and becomes tight, so we have to find ways to keep it juicy.

    When events occur in our lives that are beyond normal human experience, we often see no choice but to disconnect. We disconnect from society, from our family, from our body, and from our own heart. No place seems safe. YIN yoga is a way to begin to reconnect. First we reconnect with our body. Accepting ourselves as we are is the first step. Allowing ourselves to be in the posture just as we are is a way of acknowledging our body and its wisdom. By taking the time to sit down quietly and listen to our body, we can connect. In the quiet of the YIN yoga postures we can create a space for the body to feel safe.

  • Sound Therapy combined with YIN Yoga is the optimal co-creation. The pure quartz crystal bowls (each having a very specific frequency) work much like an Ultrasound and help release blocked energy within the body system. This helps to clear our our system, clean out our subconscious mind chatter and patters and creates space for newness. YIN Works!

  • Did you Know...

    ...every organ, cell, bone & gland of the body absorbs & emits sound & has a resonant frequency? Health occurs when we are tuned to our correct frequency.

  • to Begin to YIN

    YIN can feel a bit different at first as we are holding postures from anywhere between 3 & 10 minutes. It is through these long, deep holds that we are able to dive deep into long-term patterns that are stored within the body system. YIN can help you re-program yourself.

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