• F2 Flow

  • Frequency Fit™ Yoga Flow (60-90 minutes, Vinyasa all levels)
    a fun, sequenced, (calorie-burning) Vinyasa class designed to strengthen & open the student through fluid movement.   Every area of the body is addressed to restore optimal health & balance to the organs, tissues & bones. Pure quartz crystal bowl Sound Therapy is integrated at Savasana (final relaxation) for opening, clearing, relaxing & expanding.

  • Teacher

  • diZsa

    Founder, Frequency Fit

    diZsa, founder of Frequency Fix™  (Yoga, Sound Therapy, Events & Music)
    is originally from California & has been practicing Yoga & Meditation for over 15 years.  She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, is a Sound Therapy Master & is a Reiki & Matrix Energetics (level IV) Practitioner.  She has studied numerous forms of sound therapy, aromatherapy, subtle energy healing therapies & is a professional vocalist & voice-over artist.  It is her passion to assist others to reconnect & remember their highest potential through yoga, sound, fun & play.    

  • Learning to Flow

    Everything is a muscle in life. When we practice a flow on our mats, it helps us to strengthen that muscle of going with the flow out in our daily lives. 

  • Be in the Flow

    Being in the flow, which is also referred to as ‘the zone’ when it comes to activities, causes us to enter a psychological and physical state where when we are doing something, we are completely present with it instead of divided in any way.  There are no contradictory energies interfering with the flow of our focus either internally or externally.  Nothing is preventing us.  We feel focused, completely energized, and in full enjoyment of the process of that activity.  It takes almost no effort to do that thing and our productivity goes through the roof.  The energy that extend towards something feels good and fulfilling instead of depleting.  It is as if the doing in and of itself actually renews you.  When we are in this state, it is almost like our soul is saying, “Yes, this is what I came here for”.  The most successful people on the planet in every field have managed to think and say and do things that cause them to be ‘in the flow’ and as such, they have the current of the universe at large and their souls backing the actions they are taking in the physical dimension.     

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