• F2 Hello Yoga

  • Frequency Fit Hallo Yoga (60-90 minutes, beginner’s yoga)
    Hello yoga, have we met?  This class is a great starting point for new students of all fitness levels.  Learn how yoga supports the body & mind as you explore basic yoga postures & breathing techniques.  Come experience how yoga balances, detoxifies, relaxes & yet exhilarates you!  Pure quartz crystal bowl Sound Therapy are integrated at Savasana (final relaxation) for opening, clearing, relaxing & expanding.    

  • Teacher

  • diZsa

    Yoga styles: Frequency Fit

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    Yoga is for everybody & Every Body.

    Come help clear out your mind & body to create space for newness. We go over the basics of breath & postures in a clear but fun way. Yoga is a "tool" and can help us stay fit... from the inside out.

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