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    F2 Hello Yoga

    Frequency Fit Hallo Yoga (60-90 minutes, beginner’s yoga) Hello yoga, have we met?  This class is a great starting point for new students of all fitness levels.  Learn how yoga supports the body & mind as you explore basic yoga postures & breathing techniques.  Come [...]

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    F2 Flow

    Frequency Fit™ Yoga Flow (60-90 minutes, Vinyasa all levels) a fun, sequenced, (calorie-burning) Vinyasa class designed to strengthen & open the student through fluid movement.   Every area of the body is addressed to restore optimal health & balance to the organs, [...]

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    F2 YIN Yoga

    Frequency Fit™ Yin Yoga (75-90 minutes, all levels)                                    Targets the connective tissue (Fascia), [...]

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    F2 Happy Toes (kids) Yoga

    Frequency Fit™ "Happy Toes (kids) Yoga" - Semi-Private (ages 7-11) Details Frequency Fit™Happy Toes (kids) Yoga - (ages 7-11)  Home visit for 2-6 children. A playful approach to yoga! Each class includes breath-work, poses to build inner and outer strength, soothing stretching, [...]

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